Aaina Agarwal is a corporate lawyer whose practice has focused on counseling emerging growth companies in a variety of business transactions.  She also specializes in negotiating executive compensation arrangements for start-up executives.  Aaina is particularly adept at building relationships of trust with her clients, such that they can rely on her for skillful and thoughtful assistance at any time. 

Aaina is also passionate about advocating on behalf of global human rights.  In this capacity, she works as a dedicated pro-bono attorney with several non-profit organizations including Human Rights First and Advocates Abroad.  She is interested in how business organizations can implement sustainable practices that respect human rights and more generally in the intersection of public/private law as a leading strategy to foster development.

Aaina received her Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Duke University followed by her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from The University of Southern California.  She currently lives between Los Angeles and New York.